Right at Home Academy™

Raising the Standards of Real Estate Professionalism, One Course at a Time

Can you afford not to?

RAHA offers our agents real estate courses of various topics at each Branch during both daytime and nighttime, to ensure our all agents are top of mind of changes or new developments within the real estate industry. Training and information is the foundation of growing a successful business and RAHA wants to assist in your success. As topics of interest are identified by our Right at Home Agents, RAHA will make every effort to introduce new training to address these needs.


Courses available:

Welcome to Right at Home Realty:

This orientation course is for agents transferring from another Brokerage and provides an introduction to Right at Home’s systems, policies and processes to ensure the transfer is seamless and effortless for both the agent and his/her clients.

Welcome to Right at Home Realty (Phase 5 or new agents):

This course covers all of the points in the Welcome to Right at Home Realty course, but offers a more in-depth study of MLS® system, Webforms®, broker loading a listing and the most common forms used within a real estate transaction.

Building Your Business Right, One Home at a Time: Fundamentals of Real Estate:

This training course offers all agents whether new or seasoned, an interactive 8 module training program, designed to assist agents with all aspects of growing a successful practice as a Real Estate Professional.

Topics covered within the Fundamentals Modules are as follows:
  1. Being an Agent of Change: Professionalism, Etiquette, Netiquette, Self Awareness, Self Reflection of You and Your Business, Overcoming Speed Bumps.
  2. Business and Planning:Building a plan, SWOT analysis, Undertakings, Specifics, Goals, Targets, Adaptability
  3. Branding and Marketing: Branding your Business, Your Territory, Your Personal Brand, Branding Strategy, Four P’s of Marketing, Marketing Calendar, Internet and Social Media
  4. Data Base Management, Sphere of Influence: Sphere of Influence, Business Cooperatives, Qualifying Your Clients, Questions (Top 10), Want vs. Needs, Rapport, Active Listening, FORM method, CRM
  5. Working With Sellers: Inquiries to Listing, Listing Toolkit, Listing Presentation, Managing a Listing, Open Houses, Offers, Offer Process, Acceptance and Sold
  6. Multiple Representation: Disclosure, Terms, Non-disclosure of Terms, Your Responsibilities in Multiple Representation
  7. Working With Buyers: Inquiries to Buy, Buyers Counselling Appointment, Qualifying, Wants and Needs, Buyers Presentation, The Buying Process, Buyers Representation vs. Buyers Customer Service Agreements, Wants and Needs, Showing Suitable Properties, The Close, Preparing the Offer, Multiple Offers, Offer Presentation, Follow-up on Accepted Offer
  8. Working With Leases: Residential Tenancies, Residential Tenancies Act, Lease Clauses, Rent Provisions, Assignments, Subletting, Terminations, Condo Conversions

Vendor Affiliates Seminars:

Besides the ongoing training by RAHA in our Branch Offices on a regular basis. We invite our approved Vendors to conduct information seminars within all our Branches to ensure all Right at Home Agents are aware of the newest in real estate technologies available and often at a discounted price.