Right at Home Realty Wants You And Your Team To Join Us

Real Estate Teams is not a new concept in the real estate Industry and Teams provide a great many tangible benefits to both an Agent looking to join a team and a Team Leader, who has an established clientele and needs additional resources to handle the amount of clients they have requesting their services.

Whether you want to be on a Team, you want to bring your Team to our Brokerage, or you want to start at Team, Right at Home Realty is the ideal brokerage to accomplish your goals.

We provide all our teams with:

  • Access to our Team Module on our intranet site that allows you to post your Team information and promote your Team to all of our 3,900 plus Agents. Right at Home Realty Agents can contact you directly to obtain more information about becoming a member of your team.
  • We can provide you Team contracts to ensure consistency and fairness to all Team members. Individual sales of Team member are also tracked through our deal processing system.
  • You will receive guidelines and thorough training to ensure all your Team members have the skills and knowledge to be contributing members to your Team.
  • Unique Team Leader training supporting you to effectively manage your Team to ensure the best possible success for you and your Team members.
  • A cost-effective fee arrangement for Teams so that all members of the Team benefit from the Teams transaction fee plan.
  • The Team leader deal fee is only $350 any additional team members on the trade pay only $150. The Team leader can decide how the total transaction fee is split on their own Team.
  • All Teams are on the same 100% commission plan as individual Right at Home Realty Agents.

Teams at Right At Home Realty

(The Strength Of Many)

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